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2020 Insights: Millennials Purchasing Appliances

Millennials Prefer Buying Appliances In-Store

Having grown up with the internet, millennials are very comfortable shopping online. However there are some purchases that they still prefer to make in-store. Appliances are one of these categories.

They Visit a Store with the Intention to Buy

The number one reason millennials visit a store, is to purchase. It may also be a continuation of their product research; seeing the product before making a decision.

This is about experiencing or interacting with the product themselves and is a key opportunity for the right salesperson – one who understands and can relate to the millennial shopper – to influence their perceptions, highlight positive reviews/user experiences, and reinforce or shape their existing bias.

Before visiting a store a majority of the millennials who buy appliances in-store have already researched products and considered reviews.

Closing the Sale

Millennial consumers have a world of choice at their fingertips, and can compare pricing and deals offered by various retailers in moments. While they are shopping in-store, a majority are also looking elsewhere for a better deal, either ......

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