“Window” Shopping

Retail Xperts’ Spotlight: one in a series

Creative Channel excels at driving sales performance on behalf of our clients. At the forefront of our mission are the hundreds of Retail Xperts who are constantly driving innovation to serve shoppers, brands and retailers in new and creative ways.

Retailers are chronically challenged by a lack of time and resources, and are often further limited by turnover of managers. Knowing those limitations and strategically working through the strict display & Plan-o-Gram requirements, our Dallas market Retail Xpert found an opportunity to help her local Bed Bath & Beyond by imagining, creating, managing and executing a series of thematic window displays on with our client serving as the featured brand.

The program is so successful, it has survived multiple store managers and covered nearly a calendar year. Cleverly using a variety of holiday and seasonal themes, including Spring, Valentine’s Day, Christmas and Mother’s Day, tied to home care and making our lives a bit easier, the window gets updated and rotated on a regular cadence, with the cheerful and thankful support of the Bed Bath & Beyond team.

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