Where is Retail Innovation Coming From?

Good news! The constantly changing shopper landscape is driving a tremendous amount of innovation – here are a few bright spots that recently inspired us:

BOPIS Inverted: Amazon taps Kohl’s to provide customer service outlet, removing yet another barrier for shoppers. Launched in 2 markets, Kohl’s accepts returns of Amazon orders, free of charge and designated parking spaces are provided for added convenience. Not so coincidentally, the two are partnering to create smart home showcases for Amazon devices.

AR/VR Shopping Experiences: Alibaba’s “Buy+” platform transports shoppers to Macy’s New York to select apparel, with the assistance of a robotic assistant no less. eBay & Myer have partnered in Australia on a VR store that enables accurate fit without having to physically try on items.

Smart-Showroom: Best Buy, Amazon, Google and other brands have teamed up to curate 700 smart home tech experience environments, with advice provided by Blue Shirts.

Store as Operating System: Farfetch delivers on the “Store of the Future” promise with their shopper journey technology platform that enables customer recognition, which in turn provides tailored support based on purchase history, brand preferences and browsing habits.

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