Uber Retail

With some amazing technology and the basic economic premise of supply and demand, services such as dog-sitting, household handiwork and food delivery that can be obtained with a tap of an app.

The sharing (or gig) economy is here – we all know that Uber has up-ended transportation and Airbnb has done the same to hospitality, but more than rides, rooms and doggie daycare, we are seeing disruption emerging anywhere a ‘provider’ has an asset to optimize. For example, WeWork leases office and retail space for short term engagements, and logistics companies use the LoadFox platform to supplement partially full trucks.

What of course is also behind the gig phenomenon are the millions of on-demand workers who provide peer-to-peer services, and increasingly, hired by businesses because of the speed, scale and flexibility they offer.

Every Black Friday, retailers add seasonal staff to assist with the holiday push. It’s a necessary, but expensive, time-consuming process that could potentially benefit from some of the lessons brought to market by industry disruptors. Rating systems, just-in-time scheduling & deployment and transacting compensation are a few examples of where the gig economy systems have made significant advancements. “StoreDash” anyone?


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