Social Media Content in the Small Appliance Category Focus on Value and Promotion

Creative Channel Services recently conducted an analysis of shopper mentions on several brands in the Small Appliance category. The data included social media mentions of the following brands: Vitamix, Blendtec, Kitchenaid and Ninja.

Over 50% of all small appliance mentions were promoting a giveaway or discount. In fact, most of the posts were bot-driven and did not showcase the value proposition of the product in focus. An opportunity exists for small appliance brands to stand out by encouraging existing customers to share their product experience, showcase their recipes or introduce interesting use cases to build a narrative around how the product improved their diets/lives.

The charts below indicate how is brand is perceived, as measured by social mentions.

While all brands mentions contains hashtags related to promotions (#giveaway, #ad, #win, #deal), two of the brands’ mentions include proportionately more hashtags that appeal to cooking and diet enthusiasts (#organic, #blenderrecipes, #healthyrecipes, #smoothie, #biteandbelieve).

An Image Speaks a Thousand Words

It’s clear to see what is driving positive sentiment: social media posts with rich imagery and authentic voices. Above are few examples of the most popular social media posts.

These posts contain images and creative content that convey the positive outcomes of owning a blender (delicious recipes, environmental consciousness, healthy eating for the entire family). These types of posts not only drive more engagement, but also paint a brand story that potential customers can connect to.

There is a stark difference in the content with regard to imagery, storytelling and authenticity for the less popular posts. Brands are winning the social media game by creative posts by passionate customers/channels who appeal to our aspirations to eat well and be healthy. In a time where shoppers are turning to social media for purchase inspiration and influence, it’s imperative for brands to curate a social media presence that is driven by a community of passionate and enthusiastic customers. Ads and promotions are proliferating social media and are largely being ignored by shoppers.


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