Shopping: Buying Gaming Keyboards as Gifts


One quarter of consumers

who purchased a gaming keyboard in the past year bought it as a gift for someone else.


Women were more likely to have purchased as a gift.

Consumers who buy gaming keyboards as gifts are less likely to research products prior to purchasing, and more likely buy on impulse compared to other gaming keyboard buyers. This creates significant opportunity for the purchase decision to be swayed when shopping in-store, as the gift buyer is likely to be less familiar with the product, and looking for expert advice.

Missing Out on In-store Gift Purchases?

One third of the consumers who purchased a gaming keyboard online as a gift for someone bought Brand A keyboard. In contrast, only 11% of those who bought as a gift in-store chose Brand A.

This suggests that retail sales staff may not be recommending Brand A as often as they recommend competitor brands, which could be due to a lack of product knowledge or conscious or unconscious biases. Strengthening relationships with retailers may help to improve retail sales, particularly for less knowledgeable gift buyers.


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