A shopper’s reflection…

Amazon recently announced “Amazon Day” where Prime members can now choose a weekly delivery date. For these 100M Prime members, they will have the option to be ‘green’ and have all their purchases delivered on a day of their choosing for their recent purchases.

Amazon Day is another example of E-commerce companies reducing their carbon footprint due to their heavy reliance on shipping. However, it’s time for us to look in the mirror.

Returns on merchandise typically range from 5-10% at brick and mortar retail. It jumps to 15-40% for online purchases. How many of us are guilty of the following:

  • Ordering multiple sizes to try on

  • Trying different colors

  • I’ll just return it to the store

  • I can return my Amazon purchase at Kohl’s

Reverse Logistics is the next great challenge for all of retail as online sales continues to evolve. Some staggering stats of this issue:

  • UPS estimates 1M returns per day in December from prior promotional purchases

  • 30-40% return rate for apparel purchased online

  • Less than 50% of returned goods are sold for full-price

  • 25% of returns are thrown away

As we continue to blame these large companies for being environmentally unfriendly, it’s time for us to look at our own shopping behavior and take responsibility for the post-purchase waste that is growing exponentially. It’s time to contribute to the solution and not continuously look to blame.

Thanks for the soapbox to rant as I better hurry and place my 2-day Amazon order now….


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