Rise of the Retail Ecosystems

“Alexa, order crackers.”

“Okay. Would you like to re-order Goldfish? Consumers also purchased Oreos and Evian.”

In addition to creating a sea-change in human-computer interaction, and as represented in the “dialogue” above, Amazon’s, Apple’s and Google’s assistants are gateways to ecosystems that create new behaviors marketers will need to develop.

More than a voice remote control for the IoT that make shopping easier, these devices transmit data, preferences and currency. Data is the new oil, and already “petroleum” rich players continue to improve and monetize their pipelines and refineries with these AI fueled commerce platforms.

One of the more interesting opportunities is the fundamentally different interface. Voice has the potential to become the primary human-to-device medium, replacing today’s adopted standards Gartner predicts that by 2020, 30% of browsing will be by voice). Mobile and desktop paid search advertising primarily delivers a visual medium, one that has an accepted level of “intrusion” into the user’s screen. So, a premium will be placed on effective voice search integration, to deliver emotionally engaging and compelling messages, while both maximizing relevance and minimizing user experience disruption.


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