Retail Staff Landscape: What’s the Best Place for Customers to Shop?

Retail Staff Landscape: CCS Research

The average tenure in brick-and-mortar retail stores surveyed have a median tenure of slightly less than 2 years. Employees who have been in their location the longest tend to work in the Home Appliance section at retailers like Lowe’s, Sears and Home Depot – greater even than the tenure at independent retailers.

The median total training received by the in-store staff is just 30 minutes, which given the depth and innovation invested by manufacturers today in their products, this is self-limiting. Here again Home Depot leads with the highest average time, buoyed largely by their longer staff tenure. Independents and Regionals however stand out, on average dedicating more time to train than the other chains. Given the turn-over challenges at these (especially regionals), this is likely to be expensive and unsustainable unless this is reciprocated with either growth or investment from the manufacturer.

Additionally, in looking at the number of sales staff on the floor, Sears has the highest number of associates, for both weekdays and weekends. They are followed in the following order: Regionals, Independents, and then Best Buy and Fry’s.


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