How to use Artificial Intelligence to build retail strategy?

How to use Artificial Intelligence to build retail strategy?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning are hot-topics today, and everyone is trying to figure out how to apply & use TensorFlow (or some other platform) in what they do today. To set some additional context, from our perspective, there are 3 primary types of AI:

  1. Narrow AI: this is the type of machine built intelligence that solves a very narrow problem. For example, looking at all your pictures and detecting a specific face, or IBM’s DeepBlue playing and winning at chess.

  2. General: this is the type of general intelligence that a machine can display – think R2D2 or Rosie the Robot. The best estimates of general intelligence in machines today is that they have no more general intelligence than a six year old (human).

  3. Self-Awareness: This is the type of intelligence in science-fiction. Think: Skynet or the Borg.

And while we’d love to talk about our favorite science fiction characters, we’re even more excited to show you how we are applying AI to the design and implementation of retail strategies, making you and your team, smarter.


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