How does Brick and Mortar Impact Online Shopping? More than You Might Think

Spring is in the air and along with a restart, this year there is also the budding hope of returning soon to Pre-Covid lifestyles. Much has been said about the lasting impact of Covid on retail shopping behavior, including the acceleration of online shopping, curbside pick-up and BOPIS. Our research clearly shows shoppers are now more comfortable with buying online than ever before. The chart below shows the ratio of online vs in-store purchases over 2019-2021, with a dramatic shift in April of 2020 due to Covid, and then a significant drop overall after 6 months, ultimately settling at a 15% increase in online purchases a year later.

But does that mean that in-store is less important?

Source: Creative Channel Services, various data sources

Even though Covid has accelerated Shopper’s comfort with purchasing on-line, the in-store experience is still critical in the path to purchase. Our research shows (see infographic below) that 60% of Shoppers who bought on Amazon shopped in-store for that product prior to purchase. Further, 72% of Shoppers who bought from a Retailer’s website also shopped in-store prior to purchase.

For years we have been talking about the non-linear path to purchase. How are your in-store investments impacting your online sales? We can help you understand both. For a limited time, we are offering research for your brand and your products as a complimentary service.

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