Everything Will Be Mobile

“Nothing will be ‘mobile’ anymore, because everything will be mobile.”

So recently said Intel’s Global Marketing VP in regards to 5G technology.

Brace yourselves, we are entering the post-smartphone era and the next major digital transformation. By 2020, there will be more than 30 BILLION* connected devices. Everything that can be connected will be.

Fifth generation (5G) mobile technology is just about here and the implications are nothing short of monumental. The recent Mobile World Congress Event in Barcelona provided a tantalizing glimpse into the future. Video-displaying wearables, advanced autonomous cars, even greater augmented reality and virtually reality and so on – all delivered as a result of an uninterrupted, lag-free 5G experience.

What are the far-reaching implications for connected consumers, whose expectations are evolving faster than retailers are able to innovate to create truly personalized, efficient, high quality omni-channel shopper experiences? Leading-edge technologies, with 5G as the engine of the consumer interface across the entire purchase journey, will remake the face, bones and brains of the retail store, enabling brands and retailers to engage in new types of interactions with shoppers and tell stories in new and emotionally powerful ways. Here’s just a teaser . . .

Digital retail will be shaped by sensors, data analytics, robotics, natural interfaces, and computing ubiquity. These connected ecosystems will improve the shopping experience by making it more personal, more efficient, and more fun for consumers.

In-store automation will free up human “labor” to focus on customer service and enable human touch connections that can’t be replicated online. This will increase the currency of smart in-store expert advice.

Smart products sold in smart stores with smart infrastructure – in service of surprising and delighting shoppers. The $15B trillion dollar retail sector is about to undergo a new era of digital transformation.

And consider the implications for marketers as media networks become even more fragmented and consumer data more controlled.

There is a clear and exciting opportunity for brands and retailer partners to build unique digital experiences and connected consumer journeys. 5G will be a key game-changing platform that fuels this new era of digital transformation.

*Source: IoT platforms: enabling the Internet of Things, March 2016 IHS


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