Engaging Retail Influencers: Secret Sauce

Retail Xperts’ Spotlight: one in a series

Best Practices: Engaging Retail Influencers Secret Sauce

Creative Channel excels at driving sales performance on behalf of our clients. At the forefront of our mission are hundreds of Retail Xperts who are constantly driving innovation to serve shoppers, brands and retailers. A key to their success is building relationships with critical in store personnel, creating advocacy, support and sales. Here are three pillars of best practices we have with retail associates:


  • To create engagement and make selling fun, we run a variety of contests: daily, weekly, monthly quarterly.

  • Typically, it will have a creative theme, sometimes polling associates to find their favorite, so they’re even engaged in the design of it.


  • One of the keys to build relationships is through recognition. Associates know they can share their ideas, progress, challenges and will be given the kudos in return.


  • Constant, predictable communication ties it all together. We create direct access via phone, GroupMe, text, email, etc.

  • This keeps the brand top of mind. We share motivational posts, performance tracking, recognition, product releases & promotions, article or video links.

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