Digital Native Retailers Connecting Interplay of Offline and Online

Eyeglasses. Mattresses. Apparel. Bedding. What do they have in common? “Online-first” brands are seeking to engage their customers more deeply and are quickly adding stores, pop-up shops and road shows to gain additional exposure, access and sales. Companies like Warby Parker, Casper, UnTUCKit and Boll & Branch are but a few of the digital-native enterprises that have ventured into brick & mortar in order to expand their retail reach. In contrast to traditional retailers who are often still saddled with “four wall” economics (only looking at sales inside their walls), these disruptors are once again finding creative market opportunities by thinking outside of those constraints, and being strategic in their approach. And more than simply creating showrooms, these sophisticated retailers are of course also taking a data-led approach in examining how to accurately measure sales across the entire consumer shopper journey, allowing stores to be linked to driving sales, regardless of where the actual purchase occurs. Read more at


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