Bringing 'Xperiences' In-Store

Retail Xperts Spotlight: one in a series

Creative Channel excels at driving sales performance on behalf of our clients. At the forefront of our mission are the hundreds of Retail Xperts who are constantly driving innovation to serve shoppers, brands and retailers.

To drive additional store traffic Best Buy / Pacific Sales Kitchen & Home, our Dallas market Retail Xpert creatively envisioned a way to create a powerful destination shopping event, by operating outside of the box in partnership with a local real estate company. Fueled by hyper-focused social media promotion, they created a multi-brand (appliances) event to engage shoppers and new home buyers, showcasing cooking and cleaning products, complete with demo stations, raffles and live streaming of the event.

The “Open House” event was choreographed by Creative Channel in partnership with the store management and other brand representatives, with our client as the featured brand. The event was a success in providing hands on experiences, in both informing shoppers and inspiring purchases on the spot. Store management and the real estate company have agreed to partner on additional events.


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