There’s been a great deal of focus on screen-time, time spent on social media and other similar platforms. With the most recent iOS release, we get a helpful summary of our screen time each week aimed at helping us curb and manage our “addictions”!

In an insightful new article, Mel Magazine’s Tracy Moore explores how technology and the neuroscience driven innovations embedded in the design of Amazon and Amazon Prime creating/enabling a new addiction today: Online shopping.

Nearly 70% of households today are Amazon Prime subscribers and the ease with which you can go from browsing to purchasing to owning a product within 2 days is changing the psychology of shopping.

  • It’s emotional: “. . . there’s something else far more emotional than convenience going on . . . [we] keep going back for that surge of happy feelings.”

  • Privacy allows for a guilty pleasure: With Amazon . . . gone are the days of hauling this stuff up to a register in public, [online shopping is] as private as a porn habit . . . ’It is easy to become ‘lost’ online and numb while surfing through the endless subliminal and obvious marketing and advertising.’

Research shows that most people begin shopping online, through social media and by talking to their friends and family for many large purchases.

But think about all the products you don’t do that with. How many things have you bought that you didn’t even know you needed or that you don’t actually need? Are there boxes of regret on your doorstep, simply because you couldn’t resist the one click button?

Read the whole article:


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