Complete Guide of the Hiring Process for Remote Teams

1. Steps in the Hiring Process


The hiring process consists of job postings, sourcing, screening, interviewing, on-boarding, candidate pool, and expectations for timing of hiring.

Identifying, attracting and hiring the right candidates that live and breathe the image and culture of your brand is critical to success. Providers will use both in-house recruiting staff, as well as partnerships with leading RPO’s (Recruitment Process Outsourcing) whose subject matter experts are and have the capacity to scale up talent quickly, even in hard to staff locations around the globe.

RPOs have a qualified network database to draw upon utilizing a suite of sourcing tools. Best in class companies will have clearly defined, standardized practices and processes across all recruiting efforts, to ensure consistent excellence, and successful employee experiences

Traditionally, a 6-8 week launch time frame ensures a best-in-class launch and subsequent program. Lead time for hiring depends on the size and scope of the engagement. The following process highlights key milestones:

a. Job Postings


Sourcing/Networking – LinkedIn, Career Builder,, AMA’s, Indeed, Market-specific and Local job boards,,, company’s career site, Glassdoor,, Facebook groups.

b. Sourcing


Opportunity to identify internal associates with prior category experience as well as training and sales background. Referrals and former employees as well.

c. Interviewing


Sourcing/Networking – LinkedIn, Career Builder,, AMA’s, Indeed, Market-specific and Local job boards,,, company’s career site, Glassdoor,, Facebook groups.

Pre-Screen Interview

To ensure the candidate fully understands the expectations and meets the basic criteria necessary to be considered for the position.

First Round Interview

To assess if each candidate matches the required skills, program fit, experience, availability and product category knowledge. During the first-round interview, all candidates (internal/external) are asked a series of weighted behavioral-based questions.

Video-based Interviews

These are 1-way or 2-way recorded video interviews which our software allows for multiple employees to collaborate and review the top candidate to gain alignment on the candidates’ skills, communication style, profile, and overall presentation.

Final Interview

The top candidates for each position will be interviewed in-person or via webcam, utilizing hiring managers (e.g. regional or district) to identify and select the candidate that is the best fit for the position.  

d. On-Boarding


Offer extended, background & drug check completed, employee entered into employee management database.

An Applicant Tracking System should include an on-boarding module to enhance the hiring process by providing a custom, branded orientation portal that clearly walks the new hire through each stage of the process. Each qualified candidate will be formally offered the position and hired by the agency as an employee (if not already an active team member). Relevant compliance requirements, drug tests, and full background checks are to be completed during the on-boarding process. After candidates complete all required new hire documentation, background checks, and drug screening, they are approved for hire and ready to begin the orientation and training process. Each new hire completes a series of required training and certifications on tools, products, and systems. Upon completion, they are ready to deploy in-stores.

2. Benefits of Using a Recruitment System


Tools and technologies are critical enablers and accelerators of talent-heavy organizations, particularly for managing remote sales forces. These tools can significantly improve operational performance, efficiency, and insights.

A few specific areas that drive the significant impact include the following:

  • A market leading field management platform for the organization that manages the life cycle of programs, teams, individual employees, visits, and data. This system incorporates provides a holistic and detailed perspective of a brand's program performance and achievement.

  • A robust HCMS integrating all human resource systems and payroll into a full functioning human capital management system. This includes Applicant Tracking System, Performance Management, Time Off, Benefits and Payroll.

  • A full-featured learning management platform that enables the publishing, distribution, management, and tracking on all subject matter that is relevant to their role. This platform enables flexible, user-driven progress, while enabling evaluation of skill and knowledge acquisition by each learner. These achievements can then be applied to each learner's profile on company-wide systems to help assess and identify the most qualified and prepared reps for your programs based upon the individual needs of that program and/or role.

  • A powerful reporting platform that includes an in-house developed data warehouse that brings together data from a broad range of in-house and partner-provided sources.

  • A data analytics and reporting platform to ensure full access to all relevant data in ways that help you make informed and enlightened decisions around your business.

In short, your business impact is maximized by Talent Acquisition and enablement tools and systems viewed as a holistic, integrated ecosystem approach to employee engagement. The primary tools include:

  • Applicant Tracking System

  • Human Capital Management System

  • Learning Management System

  • Field Management System

  • Payroll & Finance

  • Reporting & Business Intelligence

  • Communications & Collaboration

3. Creating Personnel Profiles of Employees


Each program will have its own specific set of profile requirements for the individuals that will be best suited for that program.

Sample set of attributes for a Successful Sales Person:

The Key "DNA" Characteristics, Motives, Values & Preferences 

  • Superior Product & Competitive Knowledge

  • Driven by sales, results and achieving goals

  • Influence without Authority/Creating Advocates: Trainer Extraordinaire

  • Insightful, inquisitive, adept at delivering quality market sensing

  • Retail Expertise - "what makes the store tick"

  • Develop Business Partners

  • Deliver Display Excellence

  • Ability to work independently, make decisions

  • Communicator, share best practices, drive continuous improvement

  • Challenge the norm/not accept status quo

  • Analytical, gap analysis, action planning

  • Continuous learner, wants to grow

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