Keeping Remote Employees Accountable with Time & Attendance

1. Best Practices for Timekeeping Policies and Procedures

  • Non-exempt team members must fill out and submit timesheets on a daily basis and must include all time worked.

  • The beginning and end of each meal period or break should also be recorded.

  • Under no circumstances should team members perform work off-the clock.

  • Team members must record their work time accurately.

  • Altering, falsifying or tampering with timekeeping records, recording on your time card hours not worked, working hours not recorded on your timesheet (i.e., working “off the clock”), having someone else record your time or recording another team member’s time, and performing overtime work not specifically authorized in advance are all serious violations of Company policy which may result in disciplinary action, up to and including termination.

  • If there is a mistake or other change to a team member’s time record, the team member must inform his or her manager.  

  • Managers will not make any changes to time records without informing the team member.

  • Team members should record time spent attending mandatory work-related events (i.e., trainings, client events).

  • Team members will not, however, be compensated for attending voluntary events, such as social events with work colleagues.

  • Team members should also record any time spent before or after working on-site doing administrative tasks, such as responding to work-related emails, texts, and/or calls.

  • Failure to submit the time reports in a timely manner may result in disciplinary action, including delay in direct deposit and/or salary reviews, not being permitted to take vacation, and possible termination of employment.

  • It is your responsibility to ensure your timesheets/approvals are complete prior to taking the time described above.

  • If you take vacation or take Company holidays with outstanding timesheets to complete/approve, you will be considered in violation of the policy and the time taken off will be considered an unapproved leave.

  • Non-compliance with the Company’s time reporting policy will be considered when assessing individual performance.

Inaccurate of falsified timesheets should result in disciplinary action, up to and including termination.

2. Tools to Keep Track of Remote Employee's Hours and Attendance


There are multiple tools available to track, analyze, and audit visit performance and compliance, best used in combination, including:

  • Internal Audits and Tracking

  • 3rd Party Audits, Mystery Shops

  • Time and Attendance

  • Call Report Quality and Timing

  • Geo-Fencing and Photo Submission

  • GPS Tracking - Real Time

  • Manager Activity Dashboard

  • Scheduling Visit Routing and Calendars

  • IVR, LILO, CHICO systems when available

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